There is substantial evidence that most of the algorithms that command our digital interactions are biased, particularly towards reproducing what Black feminist scholar Patricia Hill Collins calls the matrix of domination (capitalism, heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, and settler colonialism). In other words, AI is currently organized to help mantain the status quo of social inequality and the norms of a consumerist, misogynist, racist, ableist, gender binarial and heteropatriarchal society.

What would the future look like if we could hack this trend? Coding Rights, in partnership with the MIT Codesign Studio and Yaso Cordova, a HKS Fellow & Berkman Klein affiliate at Harvard would like to invite you for an informal rendez-vous of women, femmes, and/or feminists who work on AI, algorithms, and design to brainstorm about the question: “What would transfeminist algorithms look like?”

With no strings attached about what is feasible or not, we just want to have a good time and join our brains in an exercise of speculative feminist futures for alternative algorithms. Another Algorithm is Possible!

Our agenda is hackable, so if you work on AI or algorithmic design, bias, and transparency, you are welcome to give a quick 5-15 min talk summarizing your findings, or facilitate us in a short design exercise, game, or activity focused on the topic. Just ping us in advance so we can adjust the timings, or simply add your idea for how to use the time below. Also, feel free to join us at the time of your convenience, though the experiment would be nicer if we are all in the whole problem, there is no problem to arrive later or leave earlier.

Also, if you want to invite a friend, please, feel free to pass on this invitation, just remember that this space is meant to be only Women, Femmes, Q/T/nonbinary ppl.

When: Nov 7th, 2017 at 13:30
Where: Rua Alfredo Chavez, 48, Largo dos Leões, Humaitá, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

13:30 – start

Welcome remarks and Goals (10m)

Introductions of everyone in the room (15m)

What is a transfem algorithm? (20m)

Potpourri of presentations from those working on algorithmic design

15 min – Design Justice, intersectional benchmarking, & nonbinary gender classification

15 min – Crypto, decentralization, and patriarchy, or, why ethereum, bitcoin, zcash, etc forms of desentralizing tech are concentrated again (hint: MEN MEN MEN also CAPITALISM LULZ)

45 min – YOUR NAME HERE [ping us if you like to present something or facilitate an activity!]

15 min – Modeling an Architecture for a Biased Database

16:00 – 18:00 – Brainstorming Transfeminist Algorithms
Methodology to inspire the brainstorming:
Taller de escritura especulativa

18:00 – RELAX!