Digital security can also be fun. By apropriation of the meme “send nudes!”, this small project has the goal to spread the word about digital security for the average user, who relies on digital media for their communication, but are not necessarily tuned with the specifics of digital security debate. Also discussing post-porn aesthetics and strategies for combating gender inequalities in the web, it was thought to be more appealing to women and sexual minorities, since they are more easily exposed to online haressment, by practices such as revenge “porn”, doxxing, cyberbulling, etc.

If you want to print it in english, you can download the two parts here and here!
And learn how to fold it here!

Team: Natasha Felizi and Joana Varon
Design: Galatea La Llorona
Illustrations: Ana Pands
Colaborators: Fannie Sosa, Yaso Córdoba, Fernanda Shirakawa
Funder: WebWeWant Rapid Response Grant