A collection of gifs for women and non-binary people to nail tech apps, gadgets and habits.

On our cell phone we set dates with our crushes, store our nudes or family photos, have secret conversations, keep our phonebook, information about visited locations and carry much more things than what would possibly fit into our purses or bum bags. Even so, very few sisters take the steps to protect them.

It is to improve our technology habits with simple digital security tips that Coding Rights has just launched Safersisters (Safermanas, in Brazilian Portuguese), a campaign based on scripted Gifs that provide tips on how to avoid incidents and reduce online vulnerabilities usually faced by cis women, travesties, trans and non-binary people.

Safer Sisters team at Coding Rights:
Joana Varon, concept and script
Carol Monteiro, script and communications strategy
Clara Juliano, design and illustrations

This work has been developed with support of Mozilla Media Fellowship

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