On 30th, January, 2020, in Barcelona (Spain), we played the Oracle for Transfeminist Technologies and prototyped speculative futures at the CtrlZ.AI Zine Fair.

CtrlZ.AI is a zine fair focused on technology and artificial intelligence (AI). It’s a creative intervention for those who are critical of AI and what these new technologies have to offer us.

Ctrl + Z is the near-universal keyboard shortcut for “undo.” The invocation of this keyboard command is meant to emphasize the idea of pause or reconsideration, rather than going backwards. CtrlZ.AI is a venue for expressing this sense of reflection on AI and other sociotechnical systems which impact us every day. We aim to be an inclusive platform for artists, technologists, researchers, activists, teachers, and students to showcase their zines and other DIY creations.

The prototypes helped us make tangible a better future where tech is designed by and for people too often excluded from/targeted by it in today’s world!

To know more about the Oracle for Transfeminist Technologies project, click here.