Personal data and political influence in preparation for the Brazilian elections of 2018

In a context of little data protection, political marketing uses profiling tactics to spread misinformation and deepen political polarization. Do you know if your personal information was used in any political campaign? Have you received any election content or been added to any Whatsapp group of any candidacies? Has your Facebook and Instagram been buried…

O Facebook usa nossa interação dentro e fora da plataforma para inferir classe social, identidade de gênero, sexualidade e muitos outros aspectos de nossas vidas. Todas essas informações são valiosas para os anunciantes. Elas permitem que os anunciantes te persigam com propagandas de berços, programas de perda de peso e, se você tiver uma certa…

Oficina Antivigilância

Through digital security workshops, articulation with national, regional and international civil society organizations, participation in public debates and trimestral production of the Newsletter Antivgilancia, this project has the goal to foster an informed network of threats and opportunities for the protection of privacy rights in the digital era. Subscription of the newsletter is available here.

Partnership for Outreach of Security In A Box and Exposing The Invisible

Developed by Tactical Tech Collective, Security in a Box is one of the most knowledgeable and translated guides for digital security tools, while Exposing the Invisible is a project to discuss tools for investigative journalism. This partnership involved organizing joined events, sharing methodologies and expanding the networks for this kind of training.