Coding Rights is a Brazil­-based women-­run organization working since 2015 to expose and redress the power imbalances built into technology and its application, particularly those which reinforce gender and North/South inequalities. We perform multidisciplinary research to hack public policy in order to reinforce human rights values into the usages of technologies.


Our goal is to ensure that policy making affecting technological development and digital rights are informed by actual technological knowledge, and that technological development is guided by fundamental Human Rights. So that both legal and technical Codes converge to promote and protect Rights.
Understanding and using legal and technical Codes for promoting and protecting Rights is a multidisciplinary task. So we operate as a laboratory, using applied research in Social and Computer Sciences, artistic creativity, communications planing and coding as our core tools for our projects. They might be focused on producing deliveries such as applied research for public policy, capacity building, advocacy strategies, policy papers, workshops, seminars, data visualizations, technological platforms and applications or even artwork meant to promote and implement advocacy strategies. processes.

Core values

Openness, transparency, diversity, equality, privacy and freedom in the access and usages of technologies and in the interaction with governance processes are at the core of the development of a people-centered network and a democratic society. Coding Rights’ projects are meant to cherish these values, empowering civil society, and particularly women from different fields across the globe, to promote a shift in the male lead environment of ICTs.


While based in Brazil, Coding Rights envisions digital technologies as global. Therefore all projects are conceived and implemented through a network. According to the expertise and goals of a particular project, different partnerships are established with different organizations and independent individuals that share similar values and goals to discuss, think, improve and act in alliance.


To develop our projects, our main activities are: research, advocacy, strategic communications and storytelling, development of tech tools to help advocacy, development of methodologies for capacity building and training, community building and strategic planing



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