Brazilian-born women lead Think-and-Do tank that aims to advance in the enforcement of Human Rights in the digital world by integrating usages and understandings of technology into policy making processes.

Our projects are developed in the intersection of the following areas:

City, Boarders and Territories in the Digital Age

Digital technologies are gradually integrating territories. From Smart Cities, facial recognition technologies, Big Data, Augmented Reality or drones flying over the frontiers, to new issues coming along with the cyber security of States.

Gender and Sexuality in the Digital Environment

Virtual spaces, especially the mainstream platforms that dominate the internet nowadays, reflect the same inequalities we observe offline as sexism, racism and homophobia, threatening the rights of non-conformity groups to freedom of expression, information and safety.

Coding our Rights

This thematic area takes the policy hacking dynamics into its core seeking to address the challenges to merge the communities working in technological tools and those working on advocating for protecting Human Rights in the digital environment.

Response to Public Emergencies

Coding Rights is concerned about how Human Rights are affected or reinforced by public policies addressing digital technologies.


Oficina Antivigilância

Through digital security workshops, articulation with national, regional and international civil society organizations, participation in public debates and trimestral production of the Newsletter Antivgilancia, this project has the goal to foster an informed network of threats and opportunities for the protection of privacy rights in the digital era. Subscription of the newsletter is available here.

Human Rights Considerations for Standards and Protocols – IETF

Improvement of Internet Drafts and production of the short documentary Net of Rights, both with the goals to engage the comunity of the Internet Engineer Task Force to develop research methodologies for assessing Human Rights considerations for standards and protocols.

Sexy Guide to Digital Security

Digital security can also be fun. By apropriation of the meme “send nudes!”, this small project has the goal to spread the word about digital security for the average user, who relies on digital media for their communication.

Partnership for Outreach of Security In A Box and Exposing The Invisible

Developed by Tactical Tech Collective, Security in a Box is one of the most knowledgeable and translated guides for digital security tools, while Exposing the Invisible is a project to discuss tools for investigative journalism. This partnership involved organizing joined events, sharing methodologies and expanding the networks for this kind of training.

Challenges of Big Data and New Technologies to Privacy Rights

Small grant to guarantee the engagement with Privacy International Network for the production of policy briefings to assess challenges of the emerging technologies to the protection and promotion of privacy rights, as well as for engaging in the Universal Periodical Review of the Human Rights Council to mainstream privacy issues.


Attendance of international meetings for engagement with decision-makers and civil society representatives in order to promote human rights in the process of review for the 10 years of the World Summit on Information Society – WSIS+10.

NetGovMap – Visualizing the Playing Field

Beta version of an interactive visualization of Internet Governance processes that should develop to work as a visual database for enabling policy makers and activists to visualize the big picture of the playing field.

Legal Database of Internet Laws and Jurisdiction in Brazil

The goal of this project proposal is to build a data bank of bills
and draft bills related to digital rights in order to enable civil society advocates to respond in
timely manner and policy analysts to capture the bigger picture and make correlations

  • Coding Rights é uma das vencedoras do Prêmio Frida

    Em dezembro de 2017, a Coding Rights foi anunciada vencedora na categoria Mulheres na Tecnologia do Prêmio Frida. Isso aconteceu graças a projetos como Chupadados, Safer Nudes e Radar Legislativo. O Prêmio Frida busca reconhecer iniciativas e práticas inovadoras nas áreas de tecnologia da informação e da comunicação, com foco nas que fornecem soluções criativas…

  • Organizações lançam relatório sobre violência de gênero na Internet, que será subsídio para discussões na ONU

    Foi lançado hoje, no Fórum da Internet no Brasil, o relatório “Violências de Gênero na Internet: diagnósticos, soluções e desafios”, resultado de uma contribuição conjunta enviada à Relatora Especial da ONU sobre violência contra a mulher, que está fazendo um relatório sobre violência online. Sistematizado pela Coding Rights e pelo InternetLab, o relatório está disponível…

  • Transfeminist Algorithms: a speculative exercise for a less fcked up future

    There is substantial evidence that most of the algorithms that command our digital interactions are biased, particularly towards reproducing what Black feminist scholar Patricia Hill Collins calls the matrix of domination (capitalism, heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, and settler colonialism). In other words, AI is currently organized to help mantain the status quo of social inequality and…

  • Coding Rights at IGF2016

    LATIN AMERICA IN A GLIMPSE Orgs. Derechos Digitales, Coding Rights and APC Monday, December 5 – 14h AC Guadalajara México Hotel – Marriott Avenida de Las Americas 1500, Country Club, Guadalajara Jalisco 44610, México Release of “Latin America in a Glimpse”, a summary of the most important trends in the digital rights arena in the…

  • WEBINAR: Derechos Sexuales y la Violéncia en línea

        Coding Rights, Tactical Tech y ARROW se complacen en invitarles a nuestro Webinar sobre Derechos Sexuales y la Violéncia en línea este jueves, 15/9 de las 14:30 a las 16:00 (GMT-UTC -3). La discusión tendrá como base dos publicaciones recién salidas del horno ARROW for Change (AFC) Bulletin y el Boletin Antivigiláncia #14 sobre temas tales como la…

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